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Public facility zoning at BCHD

Beach Cities Health District is proposing to build a new, ultra modern high-rise housing development that will be located on Redondo Beach land zoned for Public Community Facility (P-CF). Typically, sites that are zoned P-CF are used by local governments to build facilities for fire departments, police departments, hospitals, schools, parks/recreation and utility services. Such facilities provide clear value and benefit to the community: safety, education, energy, parks and medical services. These services are made available to all residents with the intention that all may benefit.

In contrast, the BCHD proposed development will be a for-profit upscale residence for seniors 65 and older who can afford its $12,000 per month rent. In addition, the facility will be 80% owned and operated by a private entity or investor group. The BCHD development proposal monetizes public land, not for use by the public, but for the sole benefit of a select few. This is an improper use of our public land and if allowed, will open the door for other P-CF zoned parcels to be monetized and privatized.

No other South Bay cities, including Hermosa and Manhattan, allow private residential facilities on their P-CF zoned parcels. Redondo Beach residents must reject BCHD’s plan to privatize our public land and we must ensure that any use of our public land has a clear benefit for all members of our community.

—Sheila Lamb, Redondo Beach

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