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Back in 2017, Beach Cities Health District said that in the next 3-5 years they will experience a financial shortfall. So what did they do about it?

Did they go for tax-free bonds and a vote of the residents?

Did they review their programs and finances and tighten their belts as many cities and other public agencies have done?

Instead, BCHD leaders expanded their management team. They proposed a half-billion dollar "do everything" mega-development project focused on a MASSIVE privately-owned assisted living structure. Their own feasibility studies show it would serve mostly people from outside our three tax-paying cities.


They continued their march, even after lessons of the pandemic  changed the old paradigm of mass senior assisted living. And they started to spend the $16M in public funds for pre-development alone.


Half your property taxes to the Beach Cities Health District goes to their top executives.


BCHD receives ~$4 million per year in taxpayer funds. ~$2M goes to their top 10 executives' compensation. 

(See link to the latest executive compensation available on Transparent California here.)

BCHD has budgeted $16 million (more than 4 years of annual taxpayer revenue) for "Pre-development" planning of their so-called "Healthy Living Campus".

  • BCHD has spent almost half on consultants and lawyers to produce and self-approve their own Environmental Impact Report

  • BCHD has hired on incentivize-based contracts worth:

    • Cain Bros. financial advisors to find a private company to Develop, Own, and operate a nearly 800,000 sq. ft. RCFE.

    • Blue Mountain Development, a company owned by a "community member" on their own Properties Committee, and the Chair of the Redondo Beach GPAC to "successfully" acquire a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) through the City of Redondo Beach.

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