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To proceed with the project, BCHD needs approval of a conditional use permit and design review from the City of Redondo Beach. 
BCHD has submitted a pre-application to the Redondo Beach Planning Department (2/24/22), received initial feedback from staff (4/1/22) and now plans to submit its full application in the first or second quarter of 2023.
Keep apprised of important meetings to attend. Send comments. Voice your opposition!

1 - Write to your elected officials (click for email addresses), speak at meetings 

Send a letter with your concerns to the Redondo Beach City Council and Planning Commission, City of Torrance, and other local elected officials.

Copy elected officials on your public comments. See Reasons to Oppose here.

Speak at meetings in person or via Zoom.


2 - Send a letter to the editor 

Keep the issues with BCHD at the forefront and counter the BCHD PR spin.

Submit by noon on Monday for the following Thursday for Easy Reader and Beach Reporter.

See previously published letters to the editor about the BCHD project here.


3 - Share posts and information with local residents, friends, and family

Many residents who are impacted are still not aware of the massive, hazardous project and misguided use of taxpayer funds and public land.

Not sure what to say?

BCHD's proposed project does NOT comply with Redondo Beach municipal codes or design guidelines. the hazardous project impacts to residents, use of public land for a private developer's profit, financial risk with taxpayer funds, and the permanent damage to the South Bay of a massive, incompatible structure.

Clearly INCOMPATIBLE with City of Redondo Beach municipal code, the RCFE structure:

  • Incompatible and inconsistent with municipal code and design guidelines in Redondo Beach and Torrance for neighborhood character, design, mass, and scale 

  • Sited on a 30 ft. bluff, the city-block long RCFE would rise 110-feet above Beryl & Flagler towering over single family homes and one-story Vons shopping center. 

  • Extreme mass and bulk of the nearly 300,000 sq. ft.,  city-block long structure is situated on the edge of a 30-foot site, obliterates open sky views in all directions 

  • Invades neighborhood privacy with views into surrounding residences with 24/7 housing

5 years of Hazardous Noise during construction was cited as "un-mitigatible" due to the extreme height of the structure in BCHD's self-approved Environmental Impact Report. Other Alternatives that could avoid this harm to residents were rejected.  Due to its height, length, and position on the elevated site, noise barriers can only be built to 30 ft. height - the equivalent of 2 stories is 31 ft height [Ref. HLC final EIR]. The proposed structure is nearly 3x that height.

100% of the sq. ft. of the massive Phase 1 RCFE structure would be privately owned, BCHD would own 0%

Irresponsible, unethical for a public health district to  public land over to a private developer. No vote of the taxpayers of the beach cities residents was ever taken or proposed for this project. The only public vote ever taken was for the original South Bay Hospital in 1957. 

See more reasons to oppose here.


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