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Dear ER:

Beach Cities Health District CEO Ton Bakaly said in a recent Easy Reader article that if BCHD simply tore down the hospital, it would need to cut services by 17 percent. Clearly, BCHD could simply cut non-resident services, maintain District resident services, and not destroy surrounding neighborhood character with a commercial office building by PMB. So why is BCHD planning to put a 110-foot tall, 300,000 square foot building on the north and east edges of the site in order to service non-residents? It makes no sense. BCHD needs to preserve the neighborhoods, curtail 100 percent of non-resident services, and reduce its fat executive overheads to fit inside of a 17 percent reduced budget. That would provide 100 percent of current services to District residents with no further destruction of surrounding privacy and property values.

Mark Nelson

Redondo Beach

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