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Easy Reader 12-1-22

Dear ER:

The Beach Cities Health District is attempting to lease three acres of public use land to PMB, a private developer. The deal is identical to what Redondo Beach Unified did with the old school site on Knob Hill. RBUSD leased three acres to Kensington senior living, also a private developer. RBUSD leased the land for 99 years and BCHD is leasing for 95 years. Redondo Beach Ballot Measure DD, approved in 2008, requires a vote of the people whenever there is a “major change to allowable land use.” A major change is defined as an act that will “change a public use to a private use.” DD specifically applies to “land allocated to the Beach Cities Health District.” The City Council ruled that the RBUSD leasing of three acres to Kensington for a private, $10,000 per month rent assisted living, converted a public use to a private use and required a vote of the people. Yet BCHD makes the false claim that it is exempt from Measure DD. We need to hold our public agencies accountable when they lease public land for five generations to private companies for commercial use. And that accountability is a public vote under Measure DD.

Mark Nelson

Redondo Beach

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