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Out of scale

Dear ER:

Questioning Beach Cities Health District’s Health Living Campus plan is not being anti-development. It’s pointing out what is and isn’t allowed under this type of zone, P-CF (Public-Community Facility). R-HD (residential high density) would be the appropriate zone. What they propose is a private endeavor, a risky one at that, and in part, using taxpayer dollars to do so.

A residential care facility for the elderly is allowed, but only with a Conditional Use Permit “okay” by the Planning Commission. BCHD’s actions have shown they presume this approval is a given, when it is not. The spirit of every conditional use on the P-CF list is public-use. If this project moves forward, the Planning Commission’s duty will be to recognize that this project is not for general public use, but only the deep-pocketed public. It is also out of scale to the surrounding area, violating Redondo Beach Municipal Code requirements.

Lara Duke

Redondo Beach

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