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Follow the money

Dear ER:

BCHD is touting its “allcove” mental health program, with a service area that is 91 percent of non-Beach Cities residents. Mental health services are obviously needed, but why is BCHD setting up a permanent facility for 1.4 million people instead of the 120,000 people who own and fund BCHD? The district told the voters it was established for the benefit of the residents of the district. The district was not founded by, or for, the residents of Long Beach, Palos Verdes, etc., who are included in BCHDs allcove.

During public discussions of budgeting, cost-effectiveness and other fiscal discipline issues, BCHDs Board members claim BCHD is not a business, and shouldn’t be judged by those metrics. But how does expansion to 91 percent non-residents with BCHD’s taxpayer funded staff, and facilities providing permanent services not a business? And what about the 80 percent of tenants in the BCHD $12,000 per month assisted living who will be non-residents, according to BCHD studies? About 40 percent are projected to be from Palos Verdes. How is that not a business? And how can BCHD not adhere to business principles, such as serving those who pay the bills? What about management focus? Are we expecting the BCHD executive payroll to swell above its current $2 million annual cost to taxpayers to oversee more than a million new “customers?”

The District was formed with the vote, bond funding, and ongoing property taxes of the residents of Hermosa, Manhattan and Redondo Beaches. It was not formed for the benefit of Palos Verdes, Long Beach, and 20-plus other cities. BCHD consumes $14 million of our taxes, and rents from our properties annually, yet claims it’s “not a business” when it’s asked hard questions about fiscal discipline. The District needs to provide 100 percent of its focus and services inside the three Beach Cities that founded, own and fund it. Let Long Beach and Palos Verdes serve their own residents. Visit the Get Informed at for details.

Mark Nelson

Redondo Beach

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