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BCHD’s second site

Dear ER:

The Beach Cities Health District is proposing a 103-foot tall, 800,000 sq. ft. development on the failed South Bay Hospital site. The primary use that BCHD envisions is a $12,000+ rent/month, assisted-living that BCHDs own reports show is being built for 92% non-residents of Redondo Beach and 80% non-residents of the three Beach Cities that own and fund BCHD. This will be a commercial project built for non-residents of the Beach Cities and will be 75% or more owned and 100% operated by a commercial vendor.

The surrounding residents and schools of Torrance and Redondo have suffered 60+ years of negative impacts from traffic, toxic emissions, noise, along with a 75-foot building in a 30-foot zoned area. South Bay Hospital failed as a public-operated hospital in only 24 years. That’s likely a record for mismanagement and failure of a taxpayer-funded hospital.

The only future project that BCHD should even consider is a voter-approved, publicly funded, affordable assisted living for the seniors in the three Beach Cities.

Mark Nelson

Redondo Beach

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