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Dear ER:

I once asked a Beach Cities Health District representative why not build the proposed Healthy Living Campus in an area zoned for it. He said, “Well, we own this property.” I got the feeling he didn’t know that where they want to build is on eleven acres zoned for public community facilities. It’s one of just a handful like it in Redondo Beach and allows only two things without special consideration from the city — recreational facilities and open space. Even the conditional allowances are community-oriented, such as libraries, government offices, or arts centers. Great options fitting with the zoning could be a community garden, a dedicated amphitheater for outdoor plays or concerts (which could be a great money generator), or a public pool. This area is on a bluff, and could provide open, sweeping views usable by all in our open space-deprived city. Our city’s founders took the time to carefully zone our city. They recognized the need for a variety of zones. Though Residential Care Facility is one of the conditional uses on this zone, the Healthy Living Campus would be for the monied, not the general public. The property is in Redondo, but borders Torrance, so their planning and council people should be aware of it, too. Redondo city reps will be required to weigh in on this plan, and they need to hear from us why they must not approve it.

Lara Duke

Redondo Beach

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