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We Have a BCHD Healthy Living campus

Beach Reporter, Easy Reader - 9/17/20

Recent reports from the Beach Cities Health District show that beach city residents are among the healthiest in the nation (BCHD Health Report 2018). Despite our robust good health, the BCHD board believes residents need an “intergenerational, vibrant campus where people can engage in healthy behaviors, form meaningful connections, and be well.” (BCHD website 2020). Why would we, who are among the healthiest in the nation, need to go to a BCHD campus to “be well?” Our community provides sufficient opportunities to maintain our healthy lifestyles and “meaningful relationships.” Quite simply, we don’t need a Healthy Living Campus. Instead of spending hundreds of millions of public dollars on a campus we don’t need, the BCHD board must build upon what we already have in our community. When the Covid 19 vaccine is fully established, BCHD can facilitate partnerships between our cities and schools to provide recreation such as pool facilities for kids’ swim lessons, basketball and tennis courts for teens and adults, classroom space for senior art classes, all located on existing school sites. With city revenue losses causing departmental cutbacks, now is the time for BCHD to support our communities by adding value to what we already have, not building a campus we don’t need. —Sheila Lamb, Redondo Beach See link to article to comment online.

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