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On 9/3/2020 Tom Bakaly, CEO of Beach Cities Health District (BCHD) sent out a Questionnaire about a proposed/supposed Aquatic-Center that may/might be incorporated into Phase-2 of BCHD’s 2-Phased private-Healthy-Living-Campus (HLC) on land that is Publicly-Owned. BCHD has the Audacity-Of-Over-Reach (AOO) by insisting that the Beach-Cities of RB/HB/MB need a Privately-Owned and operated Senior-Residential-Living-Facility along with “other” buildings necessary for the health and betterment of US.

Folks, I have grown-up and lived in RB for the majority of my 67 years perfectly fine and healthy without ever partaking/participating in any BCHD services. I am quite sure that the majority of you folks can make the same claim. BCHD derives a significant portion of their funding for their ”services” from the property-taxes of the Beach Cities of RB/HB/MB exclusively.

BCHD is again pushing their (AOO) by asking “how often you would swim” at their Aquatic-Center on land that they do not own. Folks this is like asking what you would like to eat for dinner AT your neighbor’s house. Aquatic-Centers do not bring in enough revenue to pay for their operation. So, the residents of the Beach-Cities RB/HB/MB only, would be stuck with the Bill. Meaning your Property-Taxes would be raised or a “Special-Tax” would be accessed all for an Aquatic-Center on a Healthy-Living-Campus that you/your family along with mine will never use.

Laura D. Zahn

Redondo Beach

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