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Dear ER:

In justifying construction of the Beach Cities Health District’s Healthy Living Campus, Vijay Jeste cites the statistic that there will be “twice as many Californians 80 and older in 2033 and 3 times as many in 2043 as now” (ER Letters, Feb. 6, 2019). The question that has gone unanswered so far is: ”Who pays for the proposed 430 assisted living and memory care units?” Jeste further contends. “There is nothing wrong with opening these facilities to outsiders as they would be contributing to the revenues generated by senior housing.” He omits mention of the fact that the proposed “Living Campus” is being built on the backs of its Torrance neighbors. Traffic in and out is planned to move through the Flagler Lane “alley” behind the Hospital, strapping those Torrance neighborhoods with traffic congestion. The additional 60 foot high wall, added to the present one, totals 95 feet. Neighbors will lose two hours of sunlight each day, and lower their property values.

Towers Elementary School students and faculty downwind of the site will suffer particulate pollution, excessive noise and chaos over the 15 years of building. Students from neighboring elementary and middle school will also be sacrificed — all for an elite, aging population?

It behooves residents of Redondo Beach and Torrance to take a proactive position to protect our youth and advocate for social and environmental justice.

Mary R.Ewell,

Redondo Beach

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