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Easy Reader - 9/10/20

Dear ER:

Should Redondo Beach and Torrance neighborhoods be at the mercy of a multinational company that is a partner in an oil refinery in the Bakken “Fracking and Tar Sands” crude oil fields in North Dakota? Beach Cities Health District selected the company Wood PLC to complete the environmental impacts analysis for BCHDs proposed 705,000 sqft, 75-foot tall campus over-development project. Wood PLC is responsible for assessing how much damage BCHDs construction and ongoing operations will do to the surrounding neighborhoods with traffic, noise, air pollution, asbestos, chronic stress, etc. Wood PLC is a partner in Meridian’s Davis refinery, touted to be the first greenfield refinery built in the U.S. since 1976. It’s up in the Bakken Fracking and Tar Sands fields where oil is shipped down the Dakota Access Pipeline, through the ancestral Sioux Nation, and under a fresh water reservoir that’s 3-times the size of Lake Tahoe. Davis refinery will be adjacent to, and visible from, Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Wood PLC does not share our values as a community.  BCHD apparently no longer shares our community values either.

Mark Nelson

Redondo Beach

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