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June 25, 2020

Dear ER:

BCHD has been misrepresenting the need to retrofit its 514 N. Prospect Avenue  building for seismic use. In Community Work Group meetings, after repeated questioning, the BCHD consultant was clear, there is no obligation to retrofit the building except for use as an emergency hospital. South Bay Hospital District and BCHD failed with the 514 building as a public and a private hospital, so a return to emergency hospital use is out of the question. With regard to BCHD CEO Tom Bakaly’s usual talking point that the building doesn’t meet current code, neither do most of our homes, and we’re not tearing them down either. Neither do most of our cars conform to current safety standards, yet we don’t abandon them. Neither do the 510 and 520 buildings, but BCHD isn’t worried about them collapsing on the local citizenry.

Mark Nelson


Redondo Beach

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