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Easy Reader - 10/2/20

Dear ER:

In late 2018 or early 2019, the Beach Cities Health District entered into discussions with the City of Redondo Beach regarding BCHD’s massive Healthy Living Campus. How do we know they had discussions? In July of 2020, BCHD finally released a letter to the Redondo Beach City Attorney dated February of 2019 documenting an alleged agreement with the City Attorney. Unfortunately, because the public and the Healthy Living Campus Community Working Group were excluded from the process, BCHD was free to make false statements about its over-development project without any public oversight.

BCHD represented to the City Attorney that their massive development unequivocally benefits Redondo Beach. BCHD’s Century City lawyer wrote, “Clearly, the Healthy Living Campus project will be of significant benefit to the residents of Redondo Beach …” That’s a very bold statement. The senior living facility projects 35 percent of its residents being from the Palos Verdes Peninsula, 30 percent from the rest of California (and even outside California), 11 percent from Torrance and only 5 percent from south Redondo.

BCHD must withdraw its false claim and stop operating in the shadows against the interests of the residents of Redondo Beach who bear 100 percent of the environmental and economic burdens of BCHD’s proposed over-development.

Mark Nelson

Redondo Beach 

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