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Construction impacts of Beach Cities' proposed project

The Beach Reporter - 1/2/20

BCHD is planning to build an unnecessary massive construction project in Redondo Beach that will negatively impact the health of community residents.

It is no news that construction projects generate high levels of pollution and this project will be no exception. One such pollutant, called fugitive dust, can remain in the air for days, even weeks. This dust is known to cause irritation to the eyes, nose, and the respiratory system. These small dust particles go deep into the lungs and even short term exposure has been shown to trigger asthma, worsen existing breathing difficulties, and trigger heart attacks.

Children and older adults residing in the nearby communities are the most vulnerable to this pollutant. Due to the unique wind patterns of the South Bay such as the Catalina Eddy and the Santa Ana winds, the health of residents both east and west of the project will be subjected to increased levels of air pollution, especially the children attending nearby schools.

The air quality in the beach cities frequently measures in the unhealthy range for these groups even without the added burden of massive construction activity.

We must say NO to unnecessary construction projects that will harm the health of our residents, especially our children and older adults. The BCHD board is putting residents’ health at risk with this development plan and in doing so they compromise the integrity of their mission to improve the health of our community.

—Sheila Lamb, Redondo Beach

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