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Bike path dollars don’t go far

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Dear ER:

BCHD received a $1.83 million grant from Metro for a quarter-mile long bike path between Redondo Beach and Torrance. On Jan. 13, 2019, the Beach Cities Health District Board passed a resolution stating the Class I bike path was an “integral component” of the proposed Healthy Living Campus. This bike path was not included in the DEIR of the Healthy Living Campus and subsequently not studied for its proposed impacts. This is synonymous with BCHD’s track record to skirt the public and surrounding neighboring community and move forward with their agenda of no accountability. BCHD’s initial grant “estimate” for the Measure M funds was excessive, at $1,500 per foot. However, BCHD’s current $3,500 per foot for $1.4 million for 400-feet is irresponsible use of our tax dollars. Given their egregious spending and lack of accountability, how can we trust them with the Health Living Camps project that is 253,700 sq.ft. The bike path lacked permission from the City of Torrance, so it abruptly stops at the Redondo Beach property line.

As Former Councilmember Bob Pinzler states in an Easy Reader article: “Why would BCHD be so insistent on building this dangerous, unneeded, and incomplete bike path when the city that controls two thirds of it has said no?”

Candace Nafissi

Redondo Beach

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