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BCHD Board Performance

Beach Reporter - 10-8-20

Taxpayers rightfully expect elected officials to hold public agencies such as Beach Cities Health District (BCHD) accountable. BCHD directors have botched that, and none should be re-elected.

The South Bay Hospital District failed long ago, renamed itself BCHD, and continued merrily along on the public dole, including renting out the public land set aside for the hospital, Now BCHD wants to subsidize a risky private real estate development on public land (originally set aside for a hospital), in hopes of satisfying their insatiable thirst for revenue. The Board arrogantly ignores massive public opposition, and needs to face voter accountability. Their job is to keep the agency in line, not be its puppet. Replace them with new blood in this election cycle.

—Michael Martin, Redondo Beach

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