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Easy Reader, 8/18/20

Dear Editor,

After reading Mark Nelson’s  “Sandbox” column about the latest shenanigans of the Beach Cities Wealth, ahem, I meant Health, District (Sandbox: A tale of two classes, ER July 23, 2020), I find it necessary to rouse myself from my comfy lockdown stupor to write in support of his comments. This is a fine bit of writing, succinct, clear and logical, and free from hyperbole. I encourage anyone who wonders why people are up in arms about the construction project on the old South Bay Hospital site to search out his letter. Another excellent commentary on the project may be found in former Redondo Beach City Council member Bob Pinzler’s column On Local Government (ER July 2, 2020). Personally, I have wondered for years why BCHD continues to exist when the purpose for their existence, a community hospital, no longer exists. After learning that their top 10 employee salaries account for about 50 percent of the  tax revenues they receive (from property owners in the beach cities), I wonder if their primary focus is less on community health and more on self perpetuation. Their strongest suit may be tooting their own horn.  Look at their website if you don’t believe me. We elect the BCHD board members, and an election is pending. This time around, let’s consider electing a few people who are willing to take an honest look the least expensive ways of using our hard earned tax revenues to support worthy local programs, like paramedic services; up to and including dissolving the BCHD.

(Do we really need to pay 10 people an average of $190,000 per year each to tell us which restaurants are “Blue Zone”?)

Mary Watkins

Redondo Beach 

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