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Final EIR

FEIR - document

Comments to FEIR (Appendix N)


Appendix A-Initial Study Notice of Preparation and Scoping Comments

Appendix B-HHRA and CalEEMod AQ Calculation Results

Appendix C-Biological Resources

Appendix D-Cultural Resources Technical Studies

Appendix E-Construction Fuel Consumption Calculations

Appendix F-Geolotechnology Studies

Appendix G-Phase I & II ESA

Appendix H-Hydrology

Appendix I-Noise Modeling Results

Appendix J-Non-CEQA Intersection Operational Evaluation

Appendix K-Vehicle Miles Traveled Study

Appendix L-Utilities and Service Systems

Appendix M-Shade and Shadow Study

Appendix N-Comments on Draft EIR

DEIR Sections (individual files)

Individual Appendices Files (PDF)

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