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Before and after visualization from BCHD's"Healthy Living Campus" Environmental Impact Report.



BCHD wants to build one of the TALLEST buildings in all the Beach Cities

on their N. Prospect site in Redondo Beach and bordering West Torrance. In fact, only two buildings in Redondo Beach built in the early 1970s are taller, built on the Esplanade.  The building would be the only one with homes and schools on all sides.

At 103 ft. tall, built on the edge of the elevated site, the structure would tower 133 ft. over homes, schools and businesses. 

Even if it were 20 ft. lower, it would still be the tallest in Redondo since 1974.


Table of the tallest buildings in Redondo Beach from the EIR.

Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 12.23.42 PM.png

What's shown?

Key viewing locations from more innocuous locations.


What's NOT shown?

DEIR provides NO visualizations of Phase 2, the 8-story above ground parking structure and other structures.


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