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Bike Path Resources

MTA Agreement

Amendment 1  (June 1, 2022)

Bid Notice to Contractors (dated 5/5/23)

BCHD Proposed Bike Path (2/3 of path in the City of Torrance)



XX. 2018 - BCHD applies for a Metro Transit Authority funding for a bike path under the false premise that they were working with the City of Torrance and had the necessary approval from Torrance.  BCHD’s plan includes the entire length from Diamond St to Flagler Alley to Flagler Lane and Beryl. approximately xx ft. The issue: two-thirds of the property is in the City of Torrance. The path to be developed with pedestrian crossing, egress and ingress and dangerous traffic situations to both cyclists and vehicles.


XX 2018 - They received $1.8M in funds to do this, despite knowing and not disclosing that they had NOT received Torrance’s approval the of the plans, even after the grant was awarded. It seems BCHD’s intention was to build the bike path, using Metro funds to shore up the hillside, and avoid paying those costs to build on their campus, not just using it for the questionable and problematic bike path.

July xx 2019 - BCHD releases Notice to Proceed (NOP) on their project they call the "Healthy Living Campus"

Bike path is part of the overall project. BCHD receives opposition from the public.

February 2021 - Draft EIR is released. BCHD decouples the Bike Path from the EIR stating it is a "separate" project and not connected in any way with the HLC.

Jan 2023 - BCHD pushes back the schedule and amends the MTA application to go to Sept. 30, 2023 for completion.


Nov 2022 - BCHD goes to bid prematurely for the Bike Path.

Nov 2022 - Torrance Traffic Commission meeting was held to gather feedback from residents.  The vast majority of residents opposed the bike path that goes directly into traffic on Flagler Lane, for many reasons including safety, privacy and xxx.


Thankfully, the City of Torrance supported residents.  They did NOT approve of the project. 


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Torrance opts out of its portion, leaving it incomplete and frustrating supporters of 7-city master plan.

By Teresa Liu


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