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BCHD's Bike Lane 

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Thank the City of Torrance!

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Subject: BCHD Bike Path Comments

Thank you to the City of Torrance for supporting residents and denying any approval of BCHD's Bike Path project in Torrance.


Letters to the Editor

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Sample Email:

Dear Metro Authorities,


I am deeply concerned about BCHD's planned "bike path to nowhere" and their misrepresentation of the project.  They are now planning to construct a portion of the bike path in Redondo Beach only that is one-third the length at a cost of $1.5M.  I am writing to you to ask that you recover taxpayer monies spent on this project, and fully investigate the circumstances that caused the expenditure of our taxpayers money for the design of a bike path that could only be completed with Torrance's permission, which BCHD never had.

It seems that BCHD submitted their application for Metro grant funding without any approval or authorization by the City of Torrance.


BCHD has spent about $400,000 of taxpayer money to design a bike path which they must have known could never be fully or safely built.  At the very least, Metro should insist that the $400K of taxpayer monies be returned to Metro by BCHD. LA County has too many unfunded traffic issues to tolerate the squandering of taxpayer dollars on a design that results in only 40 feet of bike lane, and which creates unsafe and hazardous conditions.


We urge you to recover these taxpayer dollars, and fully investigate whether BCHD obtained taxpayer funds by other than legitimate means.







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