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BCHD's Proposed Bike Lane Construction Project on Torrance Land


Torrance Traffic Commission Meeting  -  Public INPUT on Proposed BCHD Bike Lane Project


Mon., Nov. 7 at 7:00 p.m. 

West Annex – Commission Meeting Room

Torrance City Hall

3031 Torrance Blvd. (West of City Council Chambers)



  • SEND IN WRITTEN COMMENTS opposing the project

  • ATTEND the meeting IN PERSON if possible.  There will be NO virtual participation. 

  • Speak out – just 1-minute comments allowed.



  • BCHD is proposing a MAJOR CONSTRUCTION project using Torrance land on Flagler Lane and Flagler Alley that would tear up the hillside and widen the street. The bike path project was initially part of BCHD’s HLC master plan but was separated from the project before their EIR was released. Consequently, Bike Path impacts on residents were not studied.

  • BCHD needs approval from the City of Torrance, in order to proceed with demolition and construction work on Torrance land. Your comments now are critical.

  • More information will be available in the agenda packet here: www.TorranceCA.Gov/2022TrafficCommission (posted on Nov. 3)



  • Send written comments to Subject: BCHD Bike Path - by Mon. Nov. 7 at 2:00 p.m. (to get into agenda addendum)

  • Speak at the meeting –1 minute limit (per current City Council meeting protocol)

  • Be direct: Start with “I oppose the BCHD Bike Path project.” Add a sentence or two about your concerns. For example:

    • The bike path project needs further study by Torrance on all the issues, the public is entitled to more detail about the impacts

    • Major construction is close to homes and schools. Impacts of hillside excavation on an unstable hillside, widening Flagler Lane, increased traffic, noise, privacy issues, lighting – are all UNKNOWN

    • The City of Torrance would be liable for any issues that will arise.

  • “Torrance must not permit the BCHD to proceed with this project in the City of Torrance.”


It’s important that EVERYONE provide input. Our health, safety, and quality of life is at stake.


Questions? Contact us at  

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